Parrot Hand Puppet Livestream Course

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The Parrot Hand Puppet Livestream Course


A bright and charismatic parrot is an inspiring project for any creator, as you can play with both shape and a huge palette of colours. Shall we create our own exotic beauty together?


The Parrot Hand Puppet Livestream Course is an exciting new online learning format. We'll be working together live on a livestream and create different amazing parrots in wet felting technique! 


What is a livestream course?

It is as close as possible to a face-to-face workshop format, it involves working together during the broadcast and a lot of communication. I show you the process of creating beautiful parrot hand puppet and you work with me at the same time on your own one. I answer all your questions via chat and help you cope with the work as efficiently as possible.


What do we do on a course?


In this course we are creating a wonderful colourful parrot hand puppet using the wet felting technique. I will work on a blue and yellow macaw, and also show how to create different combs and beak shapes for other parrots (using a cockatoo and a cockatiel as examples). You can make a parrot of your choice, there is enough knowledge and techniques for any character.

This course is not easy, but the results are gorgeous and worth the effort. On the course you will learn how to manage perfect layout, work with colour and contrast, create volumetric detail in different ways, form beautiful sculptural forms, quickly shrink the work and refine to a quality level. 

Don't underestimate toys - they are complex three-dimensional sculptures that accumulate almost all the techniques of felting and related techniques. At the same time toys have special tasks - they must be durable, which means that only the highest quality felt is suitable for us.

Bottom line: the parrot teaches the best in wet felting and at the same time will not disappoint - one look at his bright charisma will always lift your spirits!


How long is the course, will there be a recordings and is it suitable for beginners?


This is 4-day course with 4 evening sessions. A break between lessons makes it easy to catch up with the group if you fall a little behind. The course is suitable for beginners, but will also be of interest to experienced feltmaker. 


Can I make it?

A parrot is an above average difficulty toy with lots of detail. It requires effort and time. But the streaming course is designed for a beginner to cope, and I give very detailed instructions, so there's nothing to be afraid of. In addition, you will get the record of the livestream with unlimited access so you can always revise everything. 


Does it take much to get started?

The list of materials and tools needed for this course is not big and is the base for making any of my toys, everything can be found quite easily in shops. I describe everything in great detail in the pdf file that you receive as soon as you pay for the course, so that you have time to prepare before you start. I have also recorded an introductory lesson where I go into more detail about the tools to work with and the materials needed to create the fox. 

The parrot in this course is a bibabo, a theatrical hand puppet toy. It's not too difficult to create, and it requires a relatively small set of materials and tools, most of which can be found at home. Of course, you will have to buy wool, and of the specific tools you will need need a ribbed anti-slip mat from IKEA (or similar), as well as a needle for dry felting. These tools and materials will need to prepare in advance, but the pleasure of felting is guaranteed! Believe me, I've been felting animals for 13 years and the fun hasn't diminished.


Will I like it?

Bibabo puppets are the unique heroes of children's home theatre. Children adore and trust them. Therefore, these toys are used very effectively in various educational projects. They are used by teachers, psychologists, ecologists, museum workers. It is a real gadget for communication with a child, a magic creative tool for play, learning and imagination development.  But adults are not indifferent to them either, they make even very serious people smile. And I like the process of creation even more - it's like meditation, art therapy and transporting into childhood in one moment! Endless joy and positivity, created with your own hands.


What will you learn from this stream course?


- To be brave with wool, felting and wild nature!

- To work with patterns;

- To lay out wool efficiently and evenly;

- To work with prefelt;

- To create volumed parts by using wet felting technic;

- To learn the basic techniques of wet and needle felting;

- To shape a beautiful toy’s heads and details;

- To master felting sculpting, creating the right shapes and characteristics of a hero;

- To shrink the project quickly and to make a high quality felt.


How does a stream course work?


After payment, you will get a personal account, which can be accessed by passing a quick registration form on the site.

The broadcasting of the livestream course takes place in your personal account, the record of the course is also stored there.

Before the start of the livestream course, you will receive a reminder to your mail box specified during registration; you will only need to get to your personal account.

After payment, you will as well receive a detailed list of what you need and a ready-made pattern for printing - you just need to transfer it to a plastic base and you can start creating a charming toy (it will be ready to download in your personal account). Please, check the spam folder in your mailbox, very ofter first emails end up there. 

After the broadcast you will get the full record of the livestream, so you can complete your work later, revise and make more toys. 

Livestream’s record will be stored in your account with unlimited access. 


When does the course start?


The course is an evening, four-day course. 

The course starts on Tuesday, 18th of April at 19:30 Helsinki time (UTC/GMT+3). 

The course consists of four sessions. The duration of each broadcast is 3-3,5 hours (can be less or more, depends on the speed of participants). 


Lesson schedule:

Lesson 1  - April 18 from 19:30 to 22:30 Helsinki time (UTC/GMT+3)

Lesson 2 -  April 20 from 19:30 to 22:30 Helsinki time (UTC/GMT+3)

Lesson 3 - March 25 from 19:30 to 22:30 Helsinki time (UTC/GMT+3)

Lesson 4 - March 27 from 19:30 to 22:30 Helsinki time (UTC/GMT+3)


How many toys are we making on the course?


During the broadcast we will make a finished work together - one beautiful parrot hand puppet. I will show the process of creating the bird from start to finish, and you work in parallel with me on your own project. As bonus I also will show you how to work with different types of parrots. During the course, I answer all your questions about the process in the chat and help you with work. After the course you can always ask me for support via email.


What gadgets can I watch the course on?


The stream course can be watched on a computer, tablets, and phones.


About copyright

I am happy to share all my technics and knowledges for your personal use, but I am against of teaching based on the course materials and making of exact replicas of my work for commercial purposes. The goal of my course is to teach the technology of creating a toy using an example based on my design, so that in the future you can use all technological methods and independently develop as an original author.


Bonus for the review

Post a photo of your parrots with a review on my webpage, and you will get a 10% discount on any learning product.

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