My name is Yaroslava Troynich and I am a textile artist in love with felt and puppet animals. I am glad you stopped by. After all, now I can share a dose of positivity with you - with my handmade puppet animals, it just doesn't work any other way. Seriously, I have been felting beasties since 2009, and this process always makes me happy. So I consider it my mission to make everyone in the world fall in love with felting and animals.

Wildlife is the main sponsor of my inspiration and, in part, my work is pure nature-worship and my toys are a tribute to nature. I especially like that my animals have a social position - they help with environmental education, work with psychologists and teachers, actively participate in developing children's games, and turn adults into children.

Bibabo, the hand puppet toys in Russian, have an amazingly positive effect, and pure wool they are made of literally brings them to life. The forest dwellers tell warm stories that children and adults alike will wholeheartedly believe. Check out the gallery of wonderful animals from around the world. Maybe you can find a cosy pocket talisman, a friend to play with your child or be inspired to create your own toys under my guidance. Welcome!

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