It is very important for me to get your feedback in order to improve both my toy work and my teaching system. I want my toys to please and the courses to be as effective for you as possible. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could share your impressions, as well as the results of the workshops (face-to-face and distance)! Thank you!

Comments 563

Anna Ashton
1 day ago

My first penguin chick finger puppet…and completed bibabo project. No doubt his siblings will be a bit more streamlined, but I’m happy with the way it went. Yara is so thorough with her explanations and happy to give much more than just the basics to get a good result. I couldn’t do it live, but with the recordings, nothing is missed. Great value! Thankyou so much…now to the orangutan while those other eggs hatch😊

2 days ago

I so enjoyed this class! Very clear instructions but i loved all the advice and Yara‘s humour the most;) Want to try some finger puppets next:) Cant wait for new animals you come up with. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and giving so many extras for free as well! See you again soon!

Pauline Letham
3 days ago

Due to time differences I am unable to join Yara live to make her beautiful puppets. Never the less, her instructions are so comprehensive that it is easy to watch the video replay and do at your own time and pace. My orangutan looks super cute, I had to do some rearranging as I had put his facial features in the wrong place, but happy with end result. Love my tiger.

3 days ago

Очень понравился МК по мышонку с тюльпаном 🐁🌷Спасибо, Ярослава!

3 days ago

никогда вживую не видела пингвинов. но эти надеюсь, что похожи)

4 days ago

Где один, там и два) Ярослава, Вы правы, остановиться не возможно😍

Ulrike Brutzer
5 days ago

Here is my little penguin chick! I enjoyed the course very much. Thank you, Yara!

1 week ago

I know he is not perfect but for a first attempt I am really happy. This is because I had such a thorough teacher in Yara who made everything so clear

Ulrike Brutzer
1 week ago

Dear Yara, what a pleasure to be in your class! This is my polar bear baby, mother bear will following soon.

Tina Crowder
1 week ago

This was a wonderful class. I made my first finger puppet but definitely not the last. I learned a lot and appreciate all the tips you gave. I’m looking forward to the next class and making a friend for the polar bear.

1 week ago

Loved this class! Yara, you are such a generous, patient, thorough and funny teacher! So happy I made this baby polar bear….ready so sign up for more classes. Your work is meticulous, colourful and one can tell you love your work…and every little critter you make. Thank you. See you again!

Марина Ксенофонтова
1 week ago

А я высиживаю Пингвинят! 😁🐧 Какие они очаровательные, трогательные, пушистые!, продолжаются мои Зимние забавы! 🥳❄️⛄️ 👌 Внук очень попросил целикового, не "на пальчик", хотя, мне кажется, что пальчиковый удобнее..., но раз хочется - делаем! 😅

2 weeks ago

вот такой лайк за МК по этому пушистику!

2 weeks ago

Добрый день, спасибо за мастер класс, невероятно интересно и познавательно!

2 weeks ago

Хочу сказать, что очень рада, что не выиграла в розыгрыше северного медведя, потому, что несомненно выбрала бы игрушку и не научилась бы валять такое чудо! 🧸 Спасибо, Яра, за прекрасный курс, не нарадуюсь результатом))

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