Reindeer Finger Puppet Livestream Course

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Do you want to feel the spirit of Christmas and the New Year? Create a wonderful reindeer and he will provide you with the right Christmas mood on a daily basis!



Reindeer Finger Puppet Livestream Course is an exciting new online learning format. We'll be working together live on air!


It is as close as possible to a face-to-face workshop format, it involves working together during the broadcast and a lot of communication. I show you from beginning to end the process of creating a wonderful finger puppet reindeer and you work with me at the same time. I answer all your questions and help you cope with the work as efficiently as possible.


In this course we will be making a reindeer in wet felting technique. This is a very interesting three-dimensional project, where you can learn a lot: the basics of needle and wet felting, working with fleece, creating volumetric antlers and hooves. I suggest you look at the photos of real reindeer and find an inspiring model to work with. The reindeer can be used to create a variety of different animals with hooves.


I will also show you how to create miniature accessories for the reindeer - cozy scarf and Christmas hat. 


I give very detailed instructions, so there is nothing to be afraid of. In addition, you will get the record of the livestream with unlimited access.


The list of necessary materials and tools for this course is not big, everything can be easily found. I describe everything in great detail in the PDF file and introduction lesson that you receive right after payment, so that you have time to prepare before the course. 


This course will be an intensive 1-day course. 


The reindeer in this course is a finger puppet. To make finger puppets, you don't need many materials and tools -  the toy weighs 5-7 grams of wool only, and of the specific tools you need a ribbed mat from IKEA (or similar), as well as a needle felting needle. These tools must be prepared in advance, but the pleasure of felting is guaranteed! Believe me, I've been felting animals for 12 years, and still enjoy it.


In general, finger puppet toys were originally the actors of the children's home theatre. Children adore them. But adults do not remain indifferent to this tiny sweetness. Most of my friends have similar crumbs in their pockets or desktops for a long time, everyone wants such a gift. After all, we are children inside and we love to play. Even when we play adult games, we need relaxation and good mood. And here these tiny creatures work their best - they make you smile! And you also smile while making them. Felting such toys is a complex art therapy - there is wool, hand work and wonderful animals. Total positive.



What will you learn from this stream course?


- To be brave with wool, felting and wild animals!

- To work with patterns for finger puppets;

- To work with different types of wool;

- To lay out wool efficiently and evenly;

- To create volumed parts by using needle felting technic;

- To learn the basic techniques of wet felting in miniature format;

- To shape a beautiful toy’s head;

- Create tiny accessories (felted hat and scarf);

- Decorate the toy in different ways (wool, fleeces, fibres);

- To shrink the project quickly and to make a high quality felt.



How does a stream course work?


After payment, you will get a personal account, which can be accessed by passing a quick registration form on the site.


The streaming of the stream course takes place in your personal account, the record of the course is also stored there.


Before the start of the livestream course, you will receive a reminder to your mail box specified during registration; you will only need to go to your personal account on the website using the password you created during registration.


This is an intensive 1-day course and consists of two three-hour livestream lessons with a short break in between. 


This is the recording of the livestream course from 12.12.2021.

The total duration of the livestream - 6-7 hours (may be less or more, depending on speed of participants). During the broadcast we will make a finished work together - one reindeer. I will show the process of creating the reindeer from start to finish, and you work in parallel with me. Additionally, I show options for working with different materials and creating tiny accessories. During the course, I answer all your questions about the process in the chat and help you with work. After the course you can always ask me for support in the chat box next to the record’s screen.


After payment, you will as well receive a detailed list of what you need and a ready-made pattern for printing - you just need to transfer it to a plastic base and you can start creating a charming toy. Please, check the spam folder in your mailbox, very ofter first emails end up there. 


After the broadcast you will get the full record of the livestream, so you can complete your work later, rewatch and make more toys. 


Livestream’s record will be stored in your account with unlimited access. 


The stream course can be watched on a computer, tablets, and phones.


I am happy to share all my technics and knowledges for your personal use, but I am against of teaching based on the course materials and making of exact replicas of my work for commercial purposes. The goal of my course is to teach the technology of creating a toy using an example based on my design, so that in the future you can use all technological methods and independently develop as an original author.


Bonus for the review


Post a photo of your reindeer with a review on my webpage, and you will get a 10% discount on any learning product.

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