Wild Marathon 2023. Game 8. October.

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Yaroslava Troynich
1 month ago

Wild marathon: results of the eighth game

🎉 The eighth game of the #bibabowowildmarathon for October brought 21 amazing new heroes into the world. I consider the authors doubly heroes for pulling it off no matter what.

🔥When we summarised the results, we have over two dozen wonderful entries and yet great biodiversity despite a very challenging and hard to motivate letter - 14 species for 21 entries. Awesome!

🐾This time we don't have a clear leader, but three species shared the palm of supremacy: skuas, owls (uhu) and South American foxes. In addition to these heroes we have the harpy, yuhin, South Chinese horseshoe bat, South American cat, southern galago, polar bear, South African hedgehog, gerbil toad and even a southern whale on parade, as well as some great insects - Ulysses butterfly, yucca moth and yudolia.

👏All the pieces are interesting as can be, such complex and rare characters in many! But especially the yudolia beetle struck me this time, directly caused a surge of surprise and positive emotions. I would never pay attention to him in nature, and here he is presented as an incredibly romantic hero with a colourful story, captured in just a few lines. It's a wonderful picture of an insect's life. It's so inspiring - the fact that we are so different, make different choices, realise them in different ways, but in the end creative ideas always touch hearts and inspire, even if it's the most unassuming bug in the world.

💪 The last collage is a catch-up work from past games. Way to go!

🛠 I'm going with galago this time, it's been a long time since this eyed primate has been on my favourites spiel. It turned out to be a funny cheburashka that I still want to work with, but I'm already happy that one more thing is done. It's energising!

Don't forget to check out the participants' pages by the game tag, there is a lot of interesting stuff there.

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