Wild Marathon 2023. Game 6. August.


For August's game we have a tricky task - it is a hybrid game. But the letter for this game is a great and prolific one - it's R (Russian P). R-r-r! It's not easy, but it's sure to be fun.



Quick rules



There is a recording of the stream on the page, where I explain the hybrid game in detail. But in brief, the essence is as follows: you have to create your own hero by crossing two animals with the letter R. Of course, you also need to come up with a name and a brief history of the hero. Be a real creator and discoverer.




Some people may not like this stage (I myself prefer existing nature, it's my comfort zone), but if you take everything as a fascinating game and a kind of creative and organisational simulator, you can benefit a lot and get to know creative yourself at least partially. It's a great challenge, pushing you out of your comfort zone, pushing you towards new ideas and concepts, a developing puzzle.



During the livestream, I talked about the path I followed in the last game with similar task and how I was able to tame a difficult challenge while staying within my style and vision. My fictional heroine was an arctic obaba frog. I decided that I would create an animal that could exist on our planet and be evolutionarily functional. Then the letter O fell out for us. I was repelled by the original, the sheep frog. The name itself told me who to cross the frog with. It was nicknamed for its sheep-like bleating sounds. I gave it a warm curly skin and put it in Arctic conditions.  The result is a cosy and realistic creature.




When you combine two images, you don't have to sew two different animals together with body parts, you can get in just some functionality or colouring. Think about what kind of critter you'd like to see and be inspired by. But this is just one way. I'm sure you'll find yours. I'll post a collage from the last hybrid stage in the comments so you can look at the characters already created.



Who do we have for the letter R?



For now, let's take a look at the letter R. There are plenty of great options!  For example, raccoon, reindeer, rat, red panda, red-shanked douc, river shark, roseate tern, rabbit, red tegu, rhino, red kangaroo, ring-tailed lemur, ragdoll cat and couple of hundreds of other creatures to choose from.



When do I submit my work?



We work until 31 August and (IMPORTANT) post finished works in our social networks as they are done (where it is more convenient - in Instagram, Facebook) with tags #bibabowhildmarathon and #bibabowhildmarathon_6. Use the second hashtag to make it easier to follow the game. Don't forget to specify that this is an entry for game 6.



The deadline is 31 August.



The second important condition is the description of the work. This time we don't know at all what kind of animals everyone is going to make and we are very eager to get to know them. So come up with names and stories - this is no less exciting part of the task.



You can do more than one.


If you don't have time, post them later. I will add all the works to the general collection, but the late work will not participate in the final collage - our honour board.



On the 1st of September we will play a new task, and so on throughout the year.  We have an exciting animal collection waiting for us!

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Yaroslava Troynich
4 months ago

In this collage - a bit late entries from the hybrid game, fantastic characters!

Yaroslava Troynich
5 months ago

Wild marathon: results of the sixth game

🔬🔥The sixth game of #bibabowildmarathon for August was a challenge, we had to turn on our inner Frankensteins and mess around with existing species to create new characters. I'm really glad we turned out enough crafty creators.

💯 Our amazing collection of hybrids has been restocked with as many as 17 incredible creatures. I have to admit, many combinations would never have occurred to me, but here it is! Look at this! There are all kinds of winged cuteness, and underwater beauties, and multi-legged weirdos, and long-bodied, and curly, and long-eared. Surprisingly, there's even a functional hero - a spoke case inspired by a lynx fish сaecilian. A couple of the heroes are still in draft form, but they're also very interesting and viable as sketches.

💜Huge thanks to all the participants for the creativity and the new page of evolution. My applause!

💪The last collage is with catching-up works from previous games - beautiful all of them.

Yaroslava Troynich
5 months ago

Finished works from previous games. Well done!

Yaroslava Troynich
5 months ago

🐿In August I not only pulled up one tail with a fig, but also created my amphibian squirrel based on a red African squirrel and its marine namesake, a red squirrel fish from the Atlantic Ocean. Very pleased with the fate of the new heroine. It would be great to meet such an animal in coastal waters. The game was not easy, I felt inner resistance, because the task is very difficult, but in the end I chose what I like and the work went on. Now my collection of favourite squirrels has been enriched with a unique specimen. There is certainly no other like it.

Yaroslava Troynich
6 months ago

Here are the entries from the same task challenge from the game 2021. That time I have made a curly Arctic frog and we had O latter for th task. 

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