Wild Marathon 2023. Game 5. July.

Wild Marathon 2023. Game 5. July.

The fifth letter of our wild alphabet is Latin N (Russian version is Н). Niiice!

Quick rules

Once a month, we randomly raffle a letter of the alphabet, to which you must choose from any of our planet's current fauna - from a bug to a whale - according to your tastes. Within a month you have to make a work inspired by this character and post it with the tag #bibabowildmarathon, adding a couple of interesting facts about this animal in the description of the work. Work in any format or technique as long as it's to your liking and suits your creative ideas.

You can see the full rules of the game on the start page of the game (choose the right option from menu on video screen).

Who do we have in N?

There are quite a few options with letter N, some are very exiting. For example, narwhal, nutria, nudibranch, nabalrek, nightingale, needlefish, nautilus, newt, neon tetra, nurse shark, naked mole rat, napu, nene, nandu, newfaundland.


 There are aslo great creatures whose names are starting with "night", "Northern" and "Norwegian". 

When should I finish my work?

You work until July 31 and post the finished work on your social media (Instagram, Facebook) with the hashtag #bibabowildmarathon. Deadline is July 31. 


You may do several works. 


If you can't make it in time, post it later. I will add all entries to the collection, but late entries will not participate in our monthly collage, our wall of honour. 


I will put together a general collection which I will publish on the first of the month. On August 1 we'll raffle a fifth challenge, and so on all year round!  Can you imagine what an encyclopaedia of animals this will be!

Yaroslava Troynich
8 месяцев назад

Wild marathon: results of the fifth game


The fifth game of the #bibabowowildmarathon for July brought a surprisingly large number of inspiring entries, with summer failing to beat almost three dozen participants.


At the time of summarising, we have 29 wonderful entries, and what interesting characters!


This time I placed my bets on rhinos, and they certainly made it to the top in terms of numbers, but couldn't beat the cutest seal. The seal leads by a big margin - 7:3. Also in pairs on the board of honour were bats and hilarious proboscis monkeys. Other representatives of the animal world are all single  - and how wonderful this diversity is!


What a gorgeous birds: there are small owl, shy nandu, Nicobar pigeon with a secret, elegant Nepalese sibia, and Nicaraguan vegetarian aratinga. The sea has brought us colourful neons, the enigmatic nautilus, the extravagant nudibranch and the White Sea saffron cod, while the forests have brought us the numbat and the cute hedgehog. We also have the marvellous German Shepherd and the Netherland dwarf rabbit. And, of course, we have insects: a luxurious Rosalia coelestis and green vegetable bug, I usually avoid them, and every time I am surprised when they appear in the game. But this surprise is positive, because even the smallest bug has a big role and amazing story behind it.


The last collage has works from previous games that were completed later.


Thank you all for your participation and wonderful works!


You look and read and it's like you've been to different forests and seas of the world!


I am proud of everyone who finds time to create.

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