Wild Marathon 2023. Game 11. January

The letter W (Russian Щ) is waiting for us in the #bibabowowildmarathon 11th game for January. 

Quick rules

Once a month, we randomly raffle a letter of the alphabet, to which you must choose from any of our planet's current fauna - from a bug to a whale - according to your tastes. Within a month you have to make a work inspired by this character and post it with the tag #bibabowildmarathon, adding a couple of interesting facts about this animal in the description of the work. Work in any format or technique as long as it's to your liking and suits your creative ideas.

You can see the full rules of the game on the start page of the game (choose the right option from menu on video screen).

Who do we have in W?

It's not an easy letter, that's for sure. The game doesn't spoil us. Nevertheless, there are cute characters for the letter W. 

For example: wolf, water buffalo, wallaby, wombat, weasel, wandering albatross, Welsh corgi, worm, wolverine, woolly monkey, woodpecker, warthog, whale shark, white tiger, white rhino, walrus, water vole, weaver bird, western gorilla.


When should I finish my work?

You work until February 10 and post the finished work on your social media (Instagram, Facebook) with the hashtags #bibabowildmarathon and #bibabowildmarathon_11 .

Deadline is February 10. 


You may do several works. 


If you can't make it in time, post it later. I will add all entries to the collection, but late entries will not participate in our monthly collage, our wall of honour. 


I will put together a general collection which I will publish on the first of the month. On February 11 we'll raffle the last challenge!  Can you imagine what an encyclopaedia of animals this will be!

Comments 1

Yaroslava Troynich
6 days ago

In the eleventh game of the #bibabowowildmarathon for January, we have 18 wonderful entries. Thank you all so much for your resilience and dedication to creativity.

In this challenging game we have a magical pike with four marvellous species, followed by a couple of charismatic wolves and two Welsh corgis. There are also lots of beautiful birds this time round, such as the pine grosebeak, merop, western bluebird, stubby crow, wood duck and wangi-wangi white-eye. We also have some fascinating animals: walrus, weasel, Northern cricket frog and even the rare solenodon .

Such diversity once again strikes my imagination.

The last collage with works from previous stages. I admire everyone who is catching up on time!

I'm trying very hard to show you my miracle-juice in time for the broadcast. It's a shame, I thought I had time, but I'm so full of vegetables from the new course that I couldn't get the creative process going anywhere else at all. It was only towards the end that something inside turned on, so I'm catching up again. And I still have two more not properly photographed. Ohhh. There's a month left on the tails if we don't extend the game.

Don't forget to check out the contestants' pages by game hashtag, there's a lot of fun stuff there.

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