About me

Yaroslava Troynich (born 1978) is a Russian-born feltmaker who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Her speciality is felted animal puppets.

”I have worked as a travel journalist, so my job has taken me around the world”, Yaroslava says. ”Encountering wild animals in jungles and seas has really touched me. Nature is a gift, and we all should teach our children how to appreciate it.”

Yaroslava’s passion for wild creatures has transformed into Bibabo, an educational art project. She has created dozens of hand puppet designs – bears, birds, frogs and many more – for nature-loving parents and their kids.

Yaroslava also teaches felting. She gives puppet workshops in Finland, Russia and Lithuania on regular basis.

”It doesn’t matter where I teach, felted animals are magical for everyone. In the end of a workshop my adult students are happy like children with the new toys they’ve made with their own hands.”

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